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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

This is usually the kind of thing I dig into....and somewhere I listed all the pedals I have which is large number of the ones here,...maybe all except the iron cobra...

I do agree that some may feel "lighter" out of the gate....meaning with the factory setup, however there are several things as others have pointed out that can be adjusted including the torque arm affect of how far up the beater mass is from the rotational axis.

All of these facets can be changed...yes the dw 9000, 7000, etc has that glorious wrecking ball feel with the larger beater which I enjoy....

The reason i halted from going berserk with my typical anal appraisal, is I found that, for me, I can make each pedal be what I want it to be....and I can be as good as I can possibly be on a p900 or the pro1v. It's all in the adjustment and parameter control. So, out of convenience I stick with the Trick cause it is so easy to reach down and adjust the things I like to mess with from time to time.

Due to the spring compression design and motion of the trick, it has the most apparent feel difference when accelerating towards the batter head, but not enough to proclaim it the "best"...

They are all great pedals and can be manipulated to do what you want with some cases of changing the style of/weight of the beater. They can all feel very light with some adjustment.
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