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Default UK Weather 2013

Has anybody got any stories of the weather from the last couple of days?

Last night at about midnight, I realised my ceiling was leaking. It turns out that some lead flashing wasn't holding back the torrents so I ended up with a series of saucepans on my bedroom floor. About 1AM, I went out to investigate (in my slippers, stupidly) and spotted that two Sky TV dishes had fallen off the side of the building outside my window. There was also TV antenna that had fallen onto a flat section of roof above my bathroom. I pulled that down and made it safe. I also found a large lump of lead and concrete on a path over on the other side of the building - potentially meaning loose tiles. Great.

At least two other flats in my building had ceiling leaks and an upstairs area that I found this afternoon whilst assessing the damage.

When I tried to call the letting agents this morning, they had an emergency number on their answer machine. I tried calling that and it was (predictably) switched off.

I noticed on the news earlier that one area of the country has been flooded quite badly and one forum member happens to live there. I wish him all the best.

Anybody have any tales of incompetent structural surveys/damage?
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