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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by WhoIsTony? View Post
the whole Live at Leeds album is amazing

and this footage right here .... footage that the Stones would not release because the Who absolutely blew them out of the water in it..... and Keith was a major reason why

Keith was not a drummer

Keith was an absolute raw genius and a complete force of nature

if you are looking for a technician you need to look elsewhere ..... thats not what Moonie was

Moonie was a time bomb of spontaneous expression

he was the audible Pollock painting

he was musical fury incarnate

he was a mad scientist timpanist in a rock band

he was the only "drummer" that could make the Who....the Who!

he was a self destructive walking tornado

never ever to be duplicated
+100000.Moonie was a force of nature,and he paid the ultimate price because of it.

Because of their unique rhythm section,The Who were a mini orchestra,that sounded larger than just 4 instruments.

I agree that "Live at Leeds" is just a powerhouse of a rock album,and no one else could have powered that band like one.Talk about a live song that about a whole album.How about the fact,that he rarely played any song the same,twice in a row,and made up his drum parts as he went along.

Lots of "drummers" don't have that ability,and actually have to write things out.I don't think Moonie ever did,nor do I think he could even read music.He was totally spontaineous and explosive.

Most of us,use/ read books,watch DVD's ,youtube,participate on drum forum's ,and pick each others brains and above all practice. Moonie didn't do ANY of those things.

He just sat down,and was the jet engine,that powered one of the greatest rock bands in history.Some are offended that he didn't practice.Well neither did Buddy Rich,and just maybe....neither of them needed to.Both were lightning in a bottle.

Steve B

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