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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Keith Moon showed the world there are no set rules or techniques , i think keith Moon fans have no walls around them or no restrictions and such...even tho i am not even close to calling myself a 'drummer', If i ever have the ability to produce any music in future, i would look for a Keith moon type drummer, who never follows any rules, who never had any formal lessons, who doesnt even read musical notes.....i bet the music would STAND OUT believe it or not...there will be a few fans...the music will not be mainstream for sure.....I think that is what is lacking in rock music since Keith Moons death......everyone follows rules! and its is boring if we dont break it at least here and there......

rant over!

Merry Xmas friends..
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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