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Default Re: Do drummers have the ability to transcend time and space?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Mr Insane, my approach was to work on an average stick height and divide it into the speed of light per minute. Whatever, I don't think an Ambo would handle that kind of speed.

While we're being white and nerdy, a new element was added to the Periodic Table this year. It's called Ununpentium. Weird. Why not just call it Pentium?
I think you are right about the head. Would probably either disintegrate or melt before anyone ever got there!

I just read an article about Ununpentium. They said its name means one-one-five. Fitting since its atomic number is 115 and has 115 protons. Probably useless in itself as its half-life is .89 miliseconds.
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