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Default Added toms to my Yamaha Live Custom oak set... Video

Hey everybody, look at me! I have a video! lol...

I'll just copy and paste what I wrote in the video. This is my first chance to do a video with the new toms. What a blast!

Bought this set at Forks Drum Closet (great place and staff) as a 14x22 bass drum, 8x12 rack tom, and 15x16 floor tom. Just recently added a matching 7x10 rack tom and a 13x14 floor tom (ordered online from Rupp's Drums - great staff!).

Put new Remo Coated Ambassador batters on toms and clear PowerStroke 3 batter on bass drum. Bass drum reso head is the stock black PS3 Yamaha with no port hole. Tom reso heads are the stock clear Ambassadors.

Two overhead Sterling Audio large condenser microphones and an Audix D6 bass drum microphone.

Snare is a Pearl Masters MCX 5.5"x14" maple snare with coated Ambassador batter and hazy Ambassador snare-side.
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