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Default Re: Arky's DIY cymbal modification stuff

Originally Posted by Drumsinhisheart View Post
What do you do with the pieces left over? I've made really nice sounding wind chimes from some.

I also made a 'ribbon crasher' from some Sound Formula pieces, which works great. I want to make some bigger ones, too. I just take a hack saw to the cymbal pieces, saw a little, bend and snap them, and file the edges smooth. I stack them, in opposite directions, on a DIY mount.
I was lucky to sell about half of it off ebay. Still have some leftover stuff. I cut a lot of those into dozens of 'mini bell' size chunks as I was going to experiment with hand hammering but haven't done anything yet. As those are 'grouped' into similar sizes they could be arranged into oversized tambourines.

At one time I was interested in getting a ribbon crasher but somehow forgot about it - thanks for reminding me. I guess there's enough material left to make something similar. Those things shouldn't be too hard to make, there's not too much to it.

Do you have some pictures of your DIY stuff? That might serve as inspiration.
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