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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by Velocette View Post
Are there any Youtubes vids of your Who cover band? . . . . . . . .so that we might be able to see your interpretation of Moonies drum parts? . . .

Did you feel that you had improved on the original drum parts? . . .or did you feel that you had failed to capture the spirit of his work?

Reading between the lines, it seems that you got little pleasure from playing in a Who covers band. There is no mention of the fun, or the buzz, that one would have thought you might have experienced from performing such exuberant numbers.

How did you feel after the gig, did you feel energised, did you feel that you'd nailed it?
No, this was way before Youtube. I did feel as though I improved on a few things. i do have some recordings somewhere, i'll try and find them. and, also, it's nopt so much that moon was bad, but he was just average, at best. So, even if I could post me playing Who tunes, and you guys might say " well Keith Moon is better than this guy", you'd be right. But comparing Keith Moon to me? Supposedly on eof the top drummers of all time vs. some guy who gets 50.00 for bar gigs :) And that's my primary problem with Moon. If the World saw him as pretty good, I wouldn't even argue. But this whole " he's a top 5 all time drummer" business, I just don't see that.....
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