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Default Choosing a set

I am looking to get my very first set that I will own my self. I have been playing my dads +40 pearl fiberglass set since I was around 4 years old. So I have been playing around 11 years not. I am looking at two sets at the moment. The Pearl Export Series drum set with an extra tom, and a floor tom (Casey Cooper Set up) Or the PDP Concept Maple 7 piece kit. Both of these kits can be found here.

Pearl Export (Not including extra toms)

PDP Concept Maple

Both kits set up as a 7 piece retail around $900. After selecting a kit, I would like to purchase a double pedal, and a mounting rack.
A pedal that is catching my eye is the Pearl Demonatior Chain Drive Double Pedal which can be found here.

And lastly the rack I cant really decide on.
So let me know which set, DOUBLE pedal, and rack you would recommend. My price range is around $1800 (INCLUDING CYMBALS)

Thanks for your help,
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