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Definitely one of my Top Ten influences, even since Misplaced Childhood in 1985. Got to see them open for Rush on the Power Windows tour, where they played 99% of the album straight through!

Got to meet the whole band a few years later at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY, and was keen to talk drums with Ian. He told me the crazy drum pattern in "Incubus" was a paradiddle-diddle(that's the one broken up between a left side ride, right side ride, kick, hi-hat, and toms. The first time I ever heard a quick double-stroke roll on bass drums was at the end of that song on "Real To Reel".

And, for the time Fish was in the band, he was behind a big black Yamaha RC set, which is what I had at the time. Loved his work with Renaissance and Steve Hackett, too!

I definitely nicked a few things from him, like the triplet tom rolls with the offbeat cymbal crashes, as well as the tom ruffs into a crash.

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