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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by MisterZero View Post
I'm 46. Keith Moon was a bit before me, but not much. I grew up thinking he was good. It wasn't really until my mid 30s, when I began playing Who cover tunes, when I realized how bad he seemed. I would listen to the drums of certain songs and think, "wow that was terrible". Then, I tried to find good, solid pieces of work from him, any live videos, recordings, and I came up empty. In fact, does anyone here have an impressive solo,or live song where Moon shines? I have scoured Youtube for ANYTHING by Keith Moon that would impress me. Nothing. Go ahead and try it, you'll see what I mean. His solos are as good as any 4th year student drummer can do. There's just nothing there....Just my 2 cents, I could always be wrong.
the whole Live at Leeds album is amazing

and this footage right here .... footage that the Stones would not release because the Who absolutely blew them out of the water in it..... and Keith was a major reason why

Keith was not a drummer

Keith was an absolute raw genius and a complete force of nature

if you are looking for a technician you need to look elsewhere ..... thats not what Moonie was

Moonie was a time bomb of spontaneous expression

he was the audible Pollock painting

he was musical fury incarnate

he was a mad scientist timpanist in a rock band

he was the only "drummer" that could make the Who....the Who!

he was a self destructive walking tornado

never ever to be duplicated
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