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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

yeah. but on that particular stage (which was actually the darts piste) i could only set up my kit one way. heck my feet were almost tucked under the snare drum. the hihat tripod was getting in the way of the snare and i couldn't even use my bass drum spurs (i had to tuck two jackets under each side of the drum to stop it rolling).

funnily enough it was because of these weird limitations that i came up with totally fresh ideas. my art teacher used to make limitation rules that would encourage us to think outside the we had to draw a portrait but the rule was that it had to be done with a ballpoint pen and that once the pen was down we couldn't pick it up (so the whole drawing was one continuous line); the results were surprising. to draw the portrait effectively we were then forced to consider how to make the pen lighter or darker and how to inbed its movement into the texture when we had to move it to another part of the page and how to work any errors into the final product so they appeared to be deliberate creative actions.

...sometimes i feel a lot of my drumming is exactly like this. lol

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