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Default Re: Who's the fastest drummer on Drummerworld?

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
....but those guys were there first and unique.....
So guys should stop aiming to play fast purely because guys like Lombardo and Benante have already done it?

If we applied that reasoning to drumming in general, we may as well stop playing all together....hell, it was all done by Krupa, Rich, Bellson, Williams and Roach long before you or I ever picked up sticks. So why bother?

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
Playing fast double kick is not necessary....
Unless of course you're wanting to play a style of music in similar vein to the guys named above, where not only is it necessary, it's a bloody requirement for employment.

As a broad stroke, I get your angle. Every now and again I'm prone to sharing it too. There's no doubt there's many a kid with a double pedal that isn't able to separate all out speed from the musical purpose behind it. But there's also the kid who's genuinely intrigued by the styles of music that demand double bass proficiency and speed, that just gets shouted down and discouraged from pursuing his musical goals purely because it's not someone else's bag.

I just can't help but wonder, where would the Benante's, Lombardo's, Roddy's, Donati's, Adler's and Kollias' be today if they were continually told by a drum forum that the skillset they were acquiring as youngsters was unnecessary, invalid and had no musical merit. I reckon we might have missed out on some excellent playing as a result.
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