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Default Re: Who's the fastest drummer on Drummerworld?

I agree with all of this...... you need speed, tightness, CREATIVITY, and something different.

but i mean.. being slow in a death metal,grind,punk or speedmetal band, no matter how creative and different is probably still not going to work out great.

I have spent YEARS working on technique and endurance to play "fast" pretty much all the time....... now that I started hitting well, 260bpm was my tops but its pointless.... its not musical. 16th notes at 260 is a blur for the most part.. and its hard to get creative when your just trying to burn threw a song.

. in a small dose maybe.. but it took me getting to this point to want to work on the basics again and like you said worry about the other stuff.

Different people have a different point where they hit this i think.. some guys realize this at slower paces they are fast enough... some guys faster.. and some guys never are as fast as they want.

BUT... this thread was for "whos the fastest drummer"

lol forgot what my point was... too many drinks
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