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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

I saw the Who play live in the Roundhouse in London, having previously seen them only on TV music shows, where they were obviously miming to pre-recorded tracks, which is guaranteed to make anyone look lame.

I loved their recordings, but wasn't quite prepared for how devastatingly impressive they would be live, they were stunning.

Townsend admits that Moonie was the 'power house' of the band. In the same way, Mitch Mitchell provided Hendrix with his rhythmical axis. And Zep had their own power house drummer.

Curiously The Who and Zep failed to get a replacement drummer that could really replace the 'originals' simply because they were irreplaceable.

And for all of them, they were great DISPITE their drug taking, NOT because of it. Too many people buy into that old cliché.
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