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Default Re: Do drummers have the ability to transcend time and space?

Originally Posted by CCdrummer View Post
My speed is slowly improving, and I am beginning to notice that as I get a little bit faster, I am starting to perceive more space as far as time intervals between the notes. Therefore does this mean that time around me is passing more quickly relative to me as long as I play?

There is so much about theoretical physics and relativity that I just don't know!!!
No. For time to slow down in terms of relativity, there has to be at least two observers. One must be travelling extremely fast for time distortion to become noticeable. At 50%c (c=speed of light), 1.0 seconds would seem like ~1.175 seconds. You don't reach 2.0 seconds until about 85%c. Unfortunately the world around you is not travelling that fast, and you are not as well. And you still lack another observer.
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