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Default [DRUM RECORDING] 4 Mics "Plug and record" UPDATE !

Hi amigos,

I spent some hours to find the best way to record drums. What I wanted : a "plug and record" method with only 4 mics (pretty like The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method).
I was looking for "ready to record" microphones and "easy to plug and clip" as well.
No compression, No EQ, no Effects, with a tiny mixer (Behringer 1004 Xenyx). I also needed a very effective method, applicable for Live and Studio : minimum hardware required (no mic stand, minmum cables...) = you ear what you catch ! This is a delicate challenge :)
Just takes me 5mn to record when you understand the principle.

I have tested lots of mics and my choice went to this configuration.

RECORD RESULTS : (use headphones please)


Check now into the mix, with my Tama Superstar Hypedrive.
This is a live record, plug and record :


- One Boundary Microphone BBS AT37s ( FET preamplifier)
- Two Clip on Cardioid Condenser Microphones (CC 75, 20 Hz - 20 kHz) "ready to plug" XLR included
- One Kick mic : Audix F14 (30 Hz - 10 kHz) Very easy to use.
- Behringer 1202 Xenyx mixer
- Cowon iAudio 7 MP3 Player/recorder
- An accurate and tuned drumset (Mapex Saturn IV Studio here (Evans G14 heads on tom, Emad on Kick, Remo Ambassador on snare).
- A good player (humm... not my case lol)

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