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Default [DRUM TEST] Mapex Saturn IV Studio

Hi amigos,

Just got my new drumset. After a long reflexion, I went to the Mapex Saturn IV ! Why ?
- Single point of contact lugs
- hybrid shell (Maple + Walnut, 6-ply, 5.1mm all North American maple (4-ply) and walnut (2-ply) shell construction)
- Die cast lugs / claws
- full Remo Emperor / Ambassador heads (even if I prefer Evans)
- Included tom mountings + clamps
- Granite Sparkle finish (not rodo´d)
- Perfectly cut bearing edge

Drumset actual config :

- Studio Set : 20x16 / 10x8 / 12x9 /14x14 + 14x5.5 snare (got for free)
- Evans G14 on toms (killer heads !!!)
- Evans Emad on Kick
- Remo Powerstoke 3 reso
- Remo Ambassador on Snare
- Ultrasound Phosphore/bronze wire

But the real reason was the incredible sound ! Really love the deep and warm sound provided by this drumset. It sounds to my ears very very well. Thanks to the Evans G14 heads I get an awesome accurate sound : do not need to muffle anymore :)


4 mics recording method : No compression, no effects, no EQ, "Plug and Record" method.
I'll share a review for this.

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