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Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
I know that on the Axis pedals the foot board and beater angle are not independently adjustable. So I'm wondering if anyone knows which of their pedals allow the pedal board to be at it lowest point while the beater is pretty far back. The A11? The A21? Or the original? Meaning if the beater is set at the same distance on each of these different pedals which will have the lower pedal board hight (with the shortboard Axis A series pedal)? The double pedal is what I'm looking at.

I know its an unusual question but something I'm wondering about.

Actually foot board and beater angle are independently adjustable on all AXIS pedals.

They go about it a different way tho... using shims under the foot board. I've used them, they work and with a little switching around can be mounted on top of the foot board to get the board even lower. You can also remove the hoop clamp, as AXIS pedals are pretty stable w/o them.
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