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Default Re: The 'Validity of Opinion'

How often do we see someone present a fact and another person says, well you are entitled to your opinion.

It seems civil discussion must be able to differentiate between opinions and facts. But even 'facts' can be no better than meaningless opinion if those facts cannot be backed up by evidence. Ah, but two people can see the same evidence and come to different conclusions. So facts and opinions can almost be the same thing in some discussions.

Someone asked the question of who are the fastest drummers on this site. Well, everybody can observe that. It could be fact by observation, but unless someone brings in the meters and begins measuring, the discussion bogs down by things not stipulated - speed measured by endurance, by a one bar fill, what? Not a great example, because "speed' in the case of TWFD stuff is based on the tiniest of movements recorded on a pad. As far as hands anyway. Doesn't mean anything when it comes to set playing, really.

Is that my opinion? Or is that a practical application and fact? LOL