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Default Re: The 'Validity of Opinion'


1 - a belief, judgement, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing

2 - advice from someone with special knowledge : advice from an expert

3 - a formal statement by a judge, court, etc., explaining the reasons a decision was made according to laws or rules

Now, according to No 1, anyone can have an opinion about something, whatever they know or have a knowledge about a particular topic, they can still voice their opinion... and you take it as such, it's just an opinion.

No 2's opinion will always have more weight into a discussion, providing they're offering an opinion based and in relation to their expertise within the topic of the discussion.

No 3 is self explanatory.

Opinions are like people, they varies, some are very good, some are out of topic, some are funny, some are naughty, some are wrong, some are hypocritical, some are beautiful...

Sometimes (often) a thread goes into many directions and end up in more than one topic being discussed, many opinions will have nothing to do with the original OP, but it's not all bad, it's what engender a discussion.

What makes somebody voicing an opinion in a thread? the topic? the thread starter? a particular member? a particular post? did they see something funny? did they see something they don't like? Whatever it is, I think it's good that anybody can join a discussion, with plenty or very little knowledge about what's being discussed in a thread, it's what makes it a discussion and what makes the discussion to carry on, those who knew little are better for it and those who knew all about it shared their knowledge and experience.

Initially, I wanted to do a cartoon for this thread, but on second thought, I choose to share an opinion with you guys and girls... and it's really just that... an opinion :)
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