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Default Re: The 'Validity of Opinion'

Good an engineer, i'm not too fond of opinion in *certain* settings

example 1:
Person A asks person B, what do you think of the color "orange"
-the answer here is meaningless thus the validity of opinion increases cause there is no
logical answer and no impact due to the opinion

example 2:
Person A, a project manager, tells Person B...I want to use columns that were made using non-fossil fuel production processes on that bridge and reduce the carbon footprint every way possible...Person B, a civil engineer, says that cannot be done because thosse materials will not support the weight needed...

Person A: How much weight do we need to support
Person B: 10,000 tons
Person A: I don't think we need to support 10,000 tons, the bridge in city C only supports 7500 tons and if we can;t get 10000 tons using the non-fossil fuel process we cannot stick to that design...go talk to city C and see what they did

and on and on...

now, this is the kind of crap that happens everywhere...and actually A has an opinion...but it is worthless and is being pushed due to some emotional and illogical desire to have a low carbon footprint on a bridge...crazy example i know

So, in the end, if the result of the exchange of opinions is meaningless and does not impact others, so be it.

When the result of "opinions" has an outcome that could impact others, then those having the appropriate experience *must* override those of authority...

I've worked in the professional engineering arena for almost 30 years and I see it all too often where opinion of authority wins over opinion (knowledge) of individual and it seems to always turn out detrimental.