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Default Re: Who's the fastest drummer on Drummerworld?

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Sorry, you made me do this!

If drummer A is standing on earth doing singles at 200BPM, and is passed by drummer B traveling at 60% of the speed of light also doing singles at 200BPM, who is really playing faster in relation to one another?
You will always hear your singles as faster than the player zipping past you. :)

EDIT: Actually NO! In reality, 'time' for the player zipping past you slows down, so you WOULD hear your singles as faster than their's... BUT! Assuming we are at atmospheric conditions, 60% the speed of light is like Mach 400, so you wouldn't hear the other player's singles at all!.. at least not over the sonic boom. Ha! Science!
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