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Default Re: The 'Validity of Opinion'

I know how you feel. Your work analogy is a good one, but I have a different perspective on it.

I worked for 8 years in architecture as an AutoCAD draftsman. At one point, our department manager was given a new position, based on qualifications, and was replaced. When we got our new manager, he had very little CAD knowledge, and some construction experience. But he was a "team player", and therefore was considered the best man for the job. This man had no idea how our department ran, or what our work really consisted of (other than drawing plans with AutoCAD), but he felt the need to change the way the department ran (and some company policy, for that matter), and it didn't work at all. He ended up running most of our employees out of the department (and company in some cases) all because he now had some say in how the department ran, and clung to it with an iron fist.

His opinion meant nothing, but was given full reign over the whole department. Eventually the powers that be noticed what was happening to our department, and replaced him with someone qualified, but not after significant damage was done.

So I agree, not all opinions are valid. That being said, everyone does have their own right to an opinion, but some are more like ideas that should be evaluated and not adhered to strictly until more information presents itself.
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