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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Different from is correct :) - for now at least.

Sadly for pedants like me, languages evolve and certain usages gradually become so widely-used and widely-accepted as to become correct. The most recent example of this that I know of is that the split infinitive is no longer incorrect, but it has been argued that not splitting the infinitive was actually incorrect in the first place, since it was a rule from (I think) the Latin which was superimposed on English.
OK, that is what I thought. My son is a linguist and studies the evolution of language, too, but presently his focus seems to be on individual word spellings and pronunciations rather than grammar usage. He's usually too busy to ask. ;)

I am aware of the argument over split infinitives, and I'm glad they are backing off that rule, to be honest. I use split infinitives frequently. In many cases, splitting the infinitive actually sounds better to my internal ear, though I realize that has more to do with familiar usage than any inherent linguistic value.
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