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Duncan, I can imagine how proud you and your parents are of your brother. I know how it feels to have a child about whom you wonder if they will ever be able to function in "normal" life, and how it feels to be blown away by their brilliance when they do!

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
Duncan's mention of education and our previous discussion of spelling has me thinking about grammar. I am curious if a particular usage I have been seeing is a regional/national thing, or simply benign misuse.

I keep seeing "different to..."

I was taught "similar to," "different from" or "different than."

Any of you edumacated types from around the globe care to enlighten me?
Different from is correct :) - for now at least.

Sadly for pedants like me, languages evolve and certain usages gradually become so widely-used and widely-accepted as to become correct. The most recent example of this that I know of is that the split infinitive is no longer incorrect, but it has been argued that not splitting the infinitive was actually incorrect in the first place, since it was a rule from (I think) the Latin which was superimposed on English.
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