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Default Re: Arky's DIY cymbal modification stuff

Arky. Splendid. Man after my own heart.

I use a saber saw with a metal blade on mine. Cuts through quite easily. Then, yeah, the filing of the edges takes time, but I get them round and smooth.

The thing I noticed is when you cut down a ride and the stress on the bow is so great the edges turn up and you get that wild, sharp chinese sound in the ring of the bell. One of my favorites has been a 12" B8Pro spash I cut down to a 10" then popped it inside out/ Bites like a junkyard dog.

So, you're the guy buying up all the cracked cymbals on ebay.

I've been making DIY mounts for ... man, 30 years. Home Depot and hardware stores. A drummer's best friend.
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