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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Lovely, you should know by now that I live my life in parallel to most other people. The "popular" music I like is outnumbered by about 1,000,000-1 by the "popular" music I don't like. I can, however, see why people like it and why it's a good song, but there are lots of good things I don't like and that's one of them!
That made me laugh out loud. Point taken. Haha!

I have some, how shall I put this... idiosyncrasies, myself. I'm a drummer who doesn't much care for drum solos, a Rush fan who doesn't like Dream Theater, country drummer who doesn't listen to country music, and a guy who listens to the nearby college's classical music station on the way to bar gigs.

I fully understand living in parallel!
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