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Originally Posted by shemp View Post
I was going to start a thread about Taylor and then I searched and found this....

I'm learning Everlong for a gig...and, well, I'm not a fan of the Foo....never heard any of their stuff except Learn To Fly which on it's own ain't half bad....but that's just my old guy opinion.

The good news is that after listening to Everlong and playing along to it, I found there was some outstanding hihat work worthy of the "foundations" list...and through that one song have gained a real appreciation for Taylor...assuming he played it and not Grohl.

Since I know very little about Foo, can anyone point me to the best example(s) of Taylor's playing in Foo Fighters...several songs would be cool.

I love the work I have heard from him so far. Wow!
Taylor plays the song all the time at shows and what not, but the album version is Dave. It's still rock solid, and rock and roll.
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