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Default Re: Serious Omission - Where's Dennis Wilson?

I don't know why Dennis Wilson doesn't get more love. Was he a great drummer? No, but he was good at what he did.

If it wasn't for Dennis Wilson, I probably would have never picked up the sticks. My dad is a huge Beach Boys fan. I remember listening to their music as a lad, and becoming a fan myself. As a matter of fact, the first concert I went to was the BB's in 1975 (the infamous "Brian's Back" tour), but I don't remember it because I was only 3.

The first time I really looked at a BB's album cover, I was suprised at how geeky they looked except Dennis. It sounds shallow, but he just looked really cool to me. Especially when posing beside Mike Love or Al Jardine.

Anyhow, looks were important in the age of KISS and disco. It was tough being a fan of a band who looked like a bunch of accountants (in their early days), and my dad and his brothers in the 70's.

Anyhow, I finally got to see live footage of the band, and Dennis made drumming look like fun. He was just back there wailing away, smiling, doing the Beatles' "head shake" before the Beatles hit the States. I wanted to be Dennis Wilson.

Later on, I heard his fantastic solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, and realized what the Beach Boys could have been if they could have ever got out of the shadow of Brian and the "glory days" (who was in no shape to lead the band). I especially love Dennis' soulful voice. It just sounds genuine to me.

Anyhow, here is part 1 of a good Dennis Wilson documentary, The Real Beach Boy. I am sure that some of you have seen it, but for some of you naysayers, it may change your mind about the late, great Dennis Wilson - one of my favorite drummers.
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