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Hey y'all, thought the sticky post was sort of full and unread so i decided to make a thread. And FYI, I'm a girl. (:

Real name? Micah

Age? 16

How long have you been playing? I've played drums for 1 year but played piano for 12 and bass for 3.

Your top 5 drummers? Mike Mangini, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, and
Jeff Porcaro.

Make of drum kit? Mapex saturn maple/walnut 6 piece kit.

Make of cymbal? Sabian but i am planning on trying out some zildjians.

Where do you practice? Music room in house.

Are you in a band? 4 bands, 3 at my chruch and one christian progressive rock band with my brother and sister in law.

Do you play covers or originals? My church plays covers but my prog. Rock band plays originals.

What style of music? Christian rock/ progressive rock

Favorite take out food? Torchy's tacos

What country do you live in? USA

One interesting fact about yourself? I am left handed but learned bass and drums right handed. When I started to play the drums i decided to learn how to play open handed and now have my drum kit set up like a smaller version of drummer Mike Mangini's kit.

How did you start drumming? My dad plays the drums and i used to sit in the drum enclosure with him at our church and watch him play all the time. Now 13 years later i finally decided to learn how to play and haven't stopped since.
Psalms 33:3 - sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.
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