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Default Re: Drumset or Drumkit?

Originally Posted by picodon View Post
That's what I was about to say, batterie from the verb battre = to hit, like baseball bat.

French drumming vocabulary is not very extended though.
Charley or charleston = hi hat, but the other cymbals are simply ride, crash, splash.
Tom = tom.
Kick drum = grosse caisse, as in "big case".
Snare drum = caisse claire, as in "clear case".
Head = peau, "skin".
Hardware = simply called hardware, I can't imagine noone bothered to translate that, a French mouth can hardly pronounce that :)

OK I have bored you all enough now :)
Fun contribution. In Mexico, or at least the Mexican drummers that I have spoken to call it:

Kit/Set/Trap kit/Drum Array = Bateria like "battery"
Bass/kick = Bombo which comes from the name of a traditional native instrument
Cymbals = Platillos like "Plates" or "disks" Same Word that makes up the "saucer" portion of the Spanish term for a flying saucer.
Snare = Tarolla
Toms are just toms. Boring, I know
My favorite: Wood block = Caja China "Chinese box"

The person that plays the drums is a Baterista. I'm an American but I prefer to call my drums "kit" and I'll occasionally call it my "trap kit" because I'm and al old timey drummer and I'm just classy like that. Don't worry about it. I also like to call my bombo the kick or "kicker". Not really certain why...
Classy grip all day.
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