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Default Re: Aquarian Deep Vintage II heads, anybody?

Originally Posted by Rhino66 View Post
my dealer told me yesterday that the Response 2 and the Force 10 are the same exact heads as the Modern Vintage 2, and Deep Vintage.
Totally the same film ( two 7 mil, and two 10 mil) but with vintage antique looking coating and that baseball diamond logo.
He said tonal difference was minimal compared to there standard texture coated heads of same film, so then these are the same heads basically as they have out
I've often wondered about this. As a long time Aquarian user, I primarily use the regular single ply Modern Vintage or Texture Coated.

They seem like basically the same head but with a different colored coating. I used to think the coating was thicker but I'm not sure it is. However, it seems like the MV heads are maybe a tad warmer sounding. I'm not sure how, or if that's even the case. It may just be what my ears fooled me into believing.

So it stands to reason that the existing Response 2 heads and Force 10 head will sound very similar to the Modern Vintage 2 and Deep Vintage heads.

I'm still going to buy Modern Vintage heads though...

Actually, instead of all us babbling away about them. You could give Aquarian a call. Chances are you can ask Mr. Roy Burns himself. I've spoken with him a few times, and he was very helpful and informative.
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