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Default Re: Drumset or Drumkit?

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
for years it was my drum set. one guitar player used to say to me " your kit" and it always bugged me. now it seem like i only say kit. its the same thing, i think its British though to say kit. I saw a documentary on the royal horse guard and they talked about cleaning their kit. It was their gear really, helmets, breast plates, boots etc. but they said kit. so drum gear would be a kit i guess? Andy lives near england somewhere under a bridge in the wind chime district, maybe he knows!
Yes, somewhere near Englandshire (for you Americans, that's about 200 miles east of Iranistan - Europe ;)

Someone's kit is a commonly used military term to describe the totality of their personal "gear" necessary for them to perform their duties. I'm guessing that migrated at some stage to encompass drums, or any assembly of items necessary for the task at hand.

"Set" is not a term that would be used generally within drumming circles, except maybe those in the game pre 1960's.
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