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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey everyone, this is my first post here. Thought I would introduce myself and tell a little about me. I guess we follow this question format. I have been trying to drum for a little over 2 years way more off than on. I have had a few lessons, but still really stink.

Real name: Dustin

Age: 35

How long have you been playing: Like I said a lil over 2 years, but really only have played a handful of months between that time.

Origin of user name: I now have a PDP X7 orange sparkle kit, I love Sabian cymbals I own 6 and one in layaway.

Your top 5 drummers: I don't really know names, but I like the drummers from Fireflight, Disciple, As I lay dying, Joey Jordison, and the dude from Five Finger Death Punch. Most are Christian bands, but I branch out too. I really love some fast double pedal.

Make of drum kit: PDP X7 orange sparkle. For now her name is Marmalade. You know for orange marmalade. I know it might be cheesy to name a kit, but hey I am cheesy too.

Make of cymbal: Sabian AAX 15" and 18" crashes, 14" AAX high hats, 20" AA medium ride, 18" XS20 china, and 12" APX splash. Zildjian Zil-bel. 10" Wuhan splash (don't care for it. Bought because it was cheap)

Where do you practice: I have kit set-up in second bedroom which is office/ my wife's craft space/ my kit space. I have to only play during certain hours due to being in a condo. I want to be respectful. At least my next door neighbor has a small kit too, just very rarely plays it.

Are you in a band: I wish I was good enough. But, after a while I would love to be. I would also love to play on Worship team at my Church.

Do you play covers or originals: Neither yet. Still getting basics down.

What style of music: Christian rock, metal, and some contemporary Christian.

Favorite take out food: Wow! Tough one. I love Gyro's, but for the life of me I cannot find a good one even in a pretty large capitol city Columbus, Ohio. I will take suggestions from anyone near here.

What country do you live in: The USA.

Fun fact about yourself: I am actually a pretty funny person, and I recently lost 110lbs.

Gonna try to post some pics of my kit on here. The empty stand usually hold my china, but I let a buddy borrow it for a gig. Oh and the Tama bass drum head was a port or no port experiment. It will not stay that way, I feel it is just wrong. Don't judge...


The Zil-bel is in a funny spot, but it is just holding the spot for my 16" AAX O-zone in layaway.



I guess you could say this is my driver seat.


Hope you like it and you got to know me a little.
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