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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

I might be the only one with a double bass kit...
Catalina Maple:
14x6 Snare
8x7, 10x8, and 12x10 rack
14x14 and 16x16 floor
18" and 19" A Custom Projection Crashes
18" and 20" Oriental China Trash
6", 8", and 10" A Custom Splashes
Old 20" ZBT ride
21" Z3 Megabell Ride
14" Pitchblack HiHats
Axis Longboards with Iron Cobra beaters
and not in this picture, I have a 10x6 PDP blackout snare

I apologize for the mess, as this is what has become of my room while I was away at school this semester. I've got some cleaning up to do...
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