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Default Re: rods for lower volume?

Originally Posted by makinao View Post
I don't disagree with this, but an alternative approach is to tune drums up and take out all the muffling so that the drums will be more responsive and have a full range of harmonics and overtones even if you are just tapping them lightly
Yeah, my advice when playing with rods is to tune everything up. Generally, low-tuned drums are the "slamming" ones IMO.

Originally Posted by gish View Post
I like the idea of changing sticks, like Bob suggested. A stick I like a lot for lower dynamic levels is the Vater Fusion. I'm a big guy with big hands. Small sticks make my hands cramp up, but this stick fills my hand up nicely yet I find it easy to play quietly with it. It has a long taper with a small round tip. I like thin cymbals, and I find the round tip gets a bit more stick definition at low dynamic levels.
I don't think the taper is especially long on the Fusions but they are a comfortable diameter for me and the ball tip dovetails perfectly with the thin-ish diameter to produce a GREAT stick for lower volume thin cymbals. My HHX Legacy ride sounds fantastic with them.

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I find Vater sticks heavier than Vic Firth. I like Vater when I want a lot of bounce.
Vater uses hickory with a 13% moisture content rather than VF and most others' 8% (i think those are the numbers, can't find where I saw the specific data on that), so they are heavier than comparable models. Personally- I like it. It's also why Innovative Percussion's sticks are heavier, Vater is an OEM for IP.
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