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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by TreeClimbingFeet View Post
They seemed to be doing alright and then had a brain hemorrhage when they decided on that footboard. That is the worst looking pedal I have ever seen. I think if they made bits out of brass and wood and made it into a 'steampunk' type pedal it would sell better. And look better.

Seems to be a common problem with pedal designers, innovation, style, function and flair all the way until they have to design the foot board and then their brain implodes: I was considering buying a set of these and changing the board and heel plate but in the end it was too much time and money for something so ugly. I am going to buy one of these - someday. It all looks so excellent until I envisage the discomfort playing barefoot, and the annoyance of shoe sole bits sticking to the slots. They need to not drill the slots all the way through, leave maybe 3mm or so on top and still have most of the advantages of making the board lighter.
+1 on your observations. And congrats on getting the Malleus.

What I dislike the most is when pedalplates look like the swivel motion would be awkward to do.
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