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Default Re: Harry - OFF-SET vs. Sleishman

Originally Posted by Drumsinhisheart View Post
I appreciate the kind words. Mike has had a rough time since summer NAMM last year, but thankfully he is now in the process of making his own pedals. CNC machine set up and working, and hopefully new pedals will be ready soon. There is a lot of interest and inquiries coming to him daily.

He discussed the ins and outs with people for a long time before pulling the trigger, but this will now give him the ability for total quality control over all aspects of the pedal, something he has not had in the past, and was always left to do detailed work himself to make sure each pedal was up to his standards. Now, he can make them as he needs them, as well as experimenting with different ideas for longboards, dble. pedals, etc., AND an off-set design (which I keep pitching for).
That's great news, I've always wanted to try the magnetic pedals. If you can get him to make longboards (actual longboards, not Pearl-type longboards) I'd be one of the first to place an order.

Of note is that the Axis patent for the Variable Drive Lever is over 20 years old now, so I think he can make free use of that feature now if he wants. I want him to :)
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