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Default Re: Evans vs. Aquarian

+1 on Evans heads for me too!
I used to use Aquarian often too, but over time I found Evans to be much more consistent in tone and manufacture. The Level 360 heads Ive tried have been well recieved and love the tones and response Im getting from them.
Plus (especially over the past year,) Ive had sooo many troubles with Aquarian Q/C , and their new film . theyre not what they used to be at all. Wish it wasnt that way but it has been for me and some others that I know too.

You mentioned the G2 heads for toms, and those are great all around 2 ply heads, they work well in many situations, coated and clear. Emad 2 is great on the kick, a very nice choice as well. Id go with Evans!

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