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sitting behind a drum set is not the same volume as a loud rock concert.

I have been to some LOUD concerts where your brain is basically shaking.... sustained...a loud rimshot will be maybe close to that volume for a short time but not constant.... I was just saying that most hearing protection (even the ones that say 32) are not actualy 32... some frequencies are cut out in the 32db range , some less, some more.

that's why they sound muddy, with lots of low end and sound like crap. the custom ones are they way to go.. with the filters in.... I'm OK with the 15dbs... it takes the edge off.. I think the 25db's would be on the border of too quiet. but my main comment was get custom fitted plugs... i friggin love mine.. won't play without em.

also.. Not trying to argue with you here.. but the decibel scale is logarithmic , or exponential.
so 15 db at the top end is not the same as 15db at the bottom end.. your whisper at 30 is not half as loud as talking at 60
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