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Originally Posted by patrice View Post
Thanks for the review, Arky. :-)

Haven't seen the two of them together, but clinics/masterclasses with Claus are always fun, entertaining and educational.

BTW: Claus is on the cover of the January/February 2014 issue of the German mag "drums & percussion". Available now. My copy should arrive tomorrow.

I have that issue already. In fact that was the very first drum magazine I ever bought in my life, haha! (I have lots of drum DVDs but haven't ever bought a drum magazine until now.) There's a cool and long interview with Claus. 2 days ago I was in the very same basement where the Drumming Kairos DVD was shot (at Florian Alexandru-Zorn's home) - a really cool place, the Meinl Cymbal Night was held there a few months ago (with Chris Coleman presenting the cymbals). (Don't ask why I was there, haha.)
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