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Default Re: I found another gem!!

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Lovely drums and good deal.

And it was a responsible parental decison to purchase this on layaway.

About sending a kid to private-this and private-that while there are probably cheaper "public" options is a parental choice as well. Wise or foolish? I'll leave that up to the parent.
I also saw it as a responsible decision, and also as a good way to hold the drums from someone else getting the deals. Also my son goes to a blue ribbon school with test results on par with the private schools in the area and I felt that private school in this elementary stage wasn't necessary.

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
For all your hard-earned money, your hard work, and your privilage, the one thing you have apparently never learnt at any point throughout your life is how to show some class.

I'm sure this Arab Sheik would be really pleased to hear you discussing his son, and your daughter, on a public message board. I'm sure your daughter would be equally as impressed to know that her father uses her as a point scoring tool in your attempts to belittle other people. Well played.

And how on earth you can comment on other members of the board so personally, without even knowing about their personal circumstances, I can't quite calibrate.

Who in the hell do you think you are to issue judgements about other people anyway?

And here's something for calling or not...the most offensive posts on this thread have been YOUR'S my friend.

You owe the OP an should, belatedly, show some humility and do so. should be bloody ashamed !
Well put!... but I wouldn't hold my breath lol

Originally Posted by MPortnoy View Post
Good for you man!! I bought a second snare last week and I wish I would've found a deal like that......What a steal!!

To the arab guy: You can go, kneel and kiss the sheik's feet because no one here cares one tiny bit about you or your daughter
I bought two of these snares home last night and they sound superb! I traded in 4 snares so I wouldn't have to spend any money, which was probably irresponsible too (Even though I got more than what I was looking for on them and I only paid $76 out of pocket). I am so glad I got these snares, whether I "irresponsibly had my priorities out of order" or not! lol

I bought home the DW Jazz series 5x14 and the DW 6x12 Edge snares!... Pics Coming soon!
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