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The wife and I just went grocery shopping at Wal*Marx. We spent almost $250. Almost all of it was food, and a few odds and ends, like toothpaste and such. One of the items we had was a 12 pack of beer. They would not sell us the beer because I did not have my ID with me. I didn't need my wallet, so I didn't bring it. She showed her ID, but they still refused to sell it to us. This pisses me off. I spoke to 3 managers, and they all said it is at the cashiers discretion. I asked them if we had our ID's and our 15 year old daughter was with us, would they still refuse to sell because she is underage? No answer. I will be going back to see if they will sell to me if my daughter is with me. If they do, I am going to raise hell. This will mean that it is easier for an underage person to get alcohol at Wal*Marx than an adult. Go figure.
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