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Default I have an issue with my double bass pedals... Can anyone help me out?

I have a DW 7000 double bass pedal.. I love it :D

Problem is, I cant clamp it to the bottom dead center of my kick drum if i want both beaters to be split across the center of my drum... If I clamp it bottom dead center, my right beater is in the very middle of my drum while the left is slightly off to the side, which gives me a more powerful sound in my right beater and a les powerful sound in my left...

I have to clamp it slightly to the right, at a point where the hoop begins curving up, in order to get both beaters right in the center... But if i tighten it too much, it shifts the position of my pedal (since its on a curve), but If i leave it too loose, my bass drum will begin to run away...

Would anyone like to help me with us?

Thanks :)

Jacob G.
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