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Default Re: Opinions on picking a new hard pedal case

Originally Posted by whitecatcafe View Post
What about a durable soft case? I also own the 9000 double and I'm thinking of getting a soft case. Because the hard shell case that came with the pedals is way too bulky for me.
Well, I looked at a few. I can say that I am not impress so far at least with what I have seen. I looked at a Gator soft bag today. It was padded, but way too flimsy for my tastes. If I was to get a soft case, I might take a good look at Protection Racket, or Ahead Armor soft cases.

I have soft Protection Racket cases for all my drums, and I have a SKB medium trap case for my hardware at the moment. This covers most of my bases, I just would like to keep my pedals separate from my other hardware. I would be OK with good soft case if I could manage to keep at least the beaters on the pedals.
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