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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Very true about clichés perpetuating itself - people have long talked about how pop and rock have been feeding back on themselves like a snake eating its tail - and it's becoming increasingly narrow as a result. Tighter markets and lack of vision resulted in an ever more economic rationalist approach everywhere, and by the sounds of commercial radio, it's clear record companies are no exception. They are clearly risk averse and there is only one result over time - creative stagnation.

Bob Fripp reckoned that the change occurred in the mid 80s, where the music business got serious about the business side at the expense of the music (just my impression, not his words).

I don't think we can expect anything from the majors than more of the same - their hands are tied. As you say, if you want good music you have to search for it. For new music I largely rely on YT's recommended videos and links from the forum.


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