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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Great stuff, but for me it sounds a bit recycled, Henri. I mean we were listening to Zepplin back then, and not people who sound like Zepplin. I like it but it doesnt excite me in the same way.
This is bang on (apart from the spelling of Zeppelin!). When Led Zeppelin got started, the whole sound was driven by new technology...more distortion on the guitars, new approaches to recording, experimenting with backwards reverb and and was all done in a spirit of newness. Taking what Robert Johnson was doing 30 years previously and turning it up to the proverbial 11, with a whole slew of other influences thrown in for good measure. It pains me to hear so-called 'classic rock' bands turning this into a nostalgia genre. Makes me think, though, that the people making music in the same spirit as Led Zeppelin were then might not sound anything like Led Zeppelin. I find this in metal too with so many bands ripping off Iron Maiden wholesale...'Number of the Beast' came out in 1981, 32 years ago. The equivalent then would have been copying music from 1949 with modern production and putting it out as a new and exciting thing! No-one would take that seriously, (not as cutting-edge pop music anyway) but it seems to be considered acceptable to do it now.

There is a difference in attitude in the classic rock world and the metal world compared to the rest of the 'pop' world, namely that you don't have to stop liking something just because it's old, which is quite nice really. This does however produce the side-effect that people cling on to old formulas because that's what they know, and new ideas don't really make much of an appearance, partly because people are still excited by things that are 30 or 40 years old and partly because they're suspicious of anything new because it might undermine the traditions that they're trying to protect. It's fascinating really.
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