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Default Long-time lurker saying hi

Howdy all, the sticky thread appears a bit crowded (and unread) so I'll post a thread up instead.

Real name? Joe
Age? 25
How long have you been playing? Drums, about 1.5 years. I've played piano for as long as I can remember too, up to a Grade 8 standard now. Also casually played guitar for many years, but drumming is my current passion.
Your top 5 drummers? Numbers 1 through 5 are all me. I'd like to make my drumming my own, so I'm avoiding putting other drummers on a list.
Make of drumkit? Uh... Evans RealFeel practice pad? I've got a particularly sweet Gretsch snare that I love though, but it's technically my only drum at the moment.
Make of cymbal? Paiste at the moment, but I haven't enough experience to say that I prefer them over all others.
Where do you practice? Practice pad work at home, but twice a week I play with other musicians at a rentable practice space in town, where I just bring my breakables and use their backline kit.
Are you in a band? Yup, for about two months now.
Do you play covers or originals? Currently we're putting together a roster of covers, with the aim of gigging with those, and working originals in to replace them.
What style of music? My band is mostly into the 80s rock/hair metal genre which is fine for me because it's generally pretty easy to drum, but I'm more of a progger myself.
Favourite take out food? Italian or Indian
What country do you live in? England
One really odd fact about yourself? I have an exceedingly large collection of stuffed pandas.
How did you start drumming? After passing each of my piano grades, my parents would generally get me a nice gift as congratulations. After passing my Grade 8 piano at about age 15 I asked for a drum kit for my gift, reasoning that as I'd reached near the top of one instrument I might as well start on another. My parents, presumably in an effort to maintain sanity, convinced me that I should get an MP3 player instead, which was pretty snazzy for the time (how can so many songs fit into this little device?!). I subsequently forgot about drumming, until...
Rock Band! I'm sure this is a story told many times before, so to sum up: I played Rock Band, I loved Rock Band, I ended up living somewhere I couldn't play Rock Band, so I started drum lessons basically to get me hitting stuff rhythmically again.
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