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Default Opinions on picking a new hard pedal case

I have been looking for a good option for transporting my DW9002s in a hard case. I am not thrilled with the idea of the hard case that came with the pedals. For playing gigs that require fast load-in and load-out, it is just not practical to break pedals down, taking the beaters off, disconnecting the connecting arm, collapsing said arm, locking them into their designated places.

Ideally, I would love to be able to keep them set up and ready to go, AND have them protected. I have been putting them inside my SKB medium trap case, braced into corners the best I can, but riding along with all my other hardware. I don't want the stands, or whatever else to be putting lateral pressure on the beaters that transfer that pressure to all the bearings and whatnot.

This is what makes me want to get their own little home when traveling. Plus, it would make set up and tear down a bit faster. Disconnect pedals from bass drum, place in case, close case, and done. I am trying to do this with a reasonably smallish footprint. So far, these are some things I have come up with. I know they are not cheap options and not for everyone, but these are some things I have been tossing around.

I returned a SKB medium trap case that I was thinking about using to transport my DW9002s to gigs. I already have one for other hardware, and having THAT big a case for pedals is a bit crazy.

So I was thinking of something only slightly less crazy. What I want to do, ideally, is to leave the DW9002 double pedals set up, or close to set up, while being able to safely store them in a case. I really like the idea of the Pelican-foam-lined cases, like the IM2950. This option, while being on the larger size for cases, should allow the pedals to be stowed fully set up. (outer base-plate to outer base-plate is ~29".

The other option would be to get something more compact and break the pedals down, maybe just take disconnect on of the connecting arm sides from the pedal. By doing this I could probably use a smaller case and lay them in the case like shoes in a shoe box. While this option offers no advantage as far as leaving the pedal fully set up, it would protect them while allowing for the use of a smaller case.

I know this might not appeal to everyone, but what route would you go to pack them in a case like this? I am weighing the primary goal of keeping them set up and ready to go out of the case VS. smaller footprint case.
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